Winner – Shortie of the Year 2013: SEA FEVER, director Tim Davies A film by Tim Davies. A film shot in the UK and Ireland Music by Massive Attack – A Prayer for England Poem by John Masefield

Till The Luck Runs Dry

Ruarri Joseph’s ‘Till The Luck Runs Dry’, shot at Park Head, on the north coast of Cornwall is a raw and beautiful tribute to a lesson learnt from a friend, and a wish to just keep going, stay on it till the luck runs out. The film features artist Tony Plant. Music Video made by […]


A short film by Ornella Hawthorn Gardez Taz Knight & Ed Smith take on Madeira Thanks to Orlando Pereira – Madeira Native Motion Ralph Freeman Nigel Semmens Suzanne Hobbs Valerie Hawthorn Kevin Smith Jan Smith Matt Knight

The Sea Wants To Be Visited

Short film by Jim Hope about the love of the ocean through the eyes of Sean Ziehm-Stephen – Hebridean surfer and ocean wanderer. Jubilee is the last surviving example of a sgoth Niseach – Ness type skiff – that participated in the once prosperous Hebridean line fishing industry. Sean Grew up in the waters surrounding […]

Art of Surfing

The Art of Surfing is a film which illustrates the strength of community in Newquay, Cornwall, made possible by the partners Visionary work is only truly possible with the support of visionary people film production – Tim Boydell, Light Colour Sound project production – Sara Black, greyblackwhite artist – Ben Allen surfboard blanks – Tris […]


A short film from Chris Case and Fishfarmtv.

Southbound 6

A film by Mikey Corker. 7 countries and 8000 miles later we finally arrive at our end destination, the south coast of Portugal. Our 2 athletes represented here showcase very different ends of the surfing sphere, with the graceful longboard skills of Andrea Molina Torn counter balanced with the power based short board approach of […]

On The Surface

Surfers come in all shapes and sizes, and not all of them can live by the coast. Many may live in the city, but still ensure they get their regular surf fix. On The Surface illustrates the joys of surfing, and why it is such an addiction. A film by Sten Vermeiren and Fleur Disney.


A new song by Colin Macleod aka The Boy Who Trapped The Sun. Filmed and produced on the Isle of Lewis by Jim Hope. Its a glimpse of our precious surfing lifestyle that we enjoy up here in the far north of Scotland. Cameras – Braun Nizo Super8, GoPro Hero 3 Black, Canon 60D, Sony […]


United, the upcoming British surf film by Pete Hill, was born out of a desire to explore the progressive side of some of the UK’s top surfers. Featuring a host of the nation’s top shortboarders and longboarders surfing alongside each other, who each share the passion to go higher, faster and bigger. Filmed in Devon, […]

Breaking The Barrier

Breaking the Barrier addresses the very real need for sporting opportunities that cater to children and young adults with learning difficulties. There are very few such options for people with special needs, and even less where such children and young adults can take part alongside non-special needs people. Breaking the Barrier is a means to […]

Carving a Life

A film by Simon Barr, tells the story of a surfboard being shaped from a piece of polystyrene in a box to catching it’s first waves in a small summer swell in Bundoran. I’d like to thank everyone who helped me make this possible: Ronan “Rosy” Harkin Andrew Mennie Simon Clarke Kevin Gillen The Project:Filmbox […]


Fergus is living the #Vanlife dream. He surfs, he skates, he doesn’t answer to nobody… But for how long can he keep rolling? Crayfish films go behind the scenes to meet one of the original vanlifers. Full length version out this Autumn. Starring Fergus O’Donnell Created by Rob Lockyear, Jeremy Joyce and Rich Pearn

Pilgrimage of Grace

The second instalment of a series of awarding winning short films from Northcore, shot on the UK’s rugged North East coast. “North Sea swells are never easy to predict, low pressure charts often allow hopes of fresh swell to soar only to fade as dawn breaks and nature hasn’t delivered. Occasionally those broken promises are […]

A Day With The Port Glass

A film by Simon Cotter. On the rugged coast of North Devon can be discovered Joel and his shaping hut. We found him heading out to his local spot and decided to tag along, curious by his new board called ‘the Port Glass’. Joel describes it as a high performance eco evolution of the mini […]

Desert Ash

A film by Tim Boydell. Reubyn Ash is the UK’s and probably Europe’s top aerialist. He has invented his own trick and lands airs more than most of us have hot dinners. When he asked if we could go to Dubai with him to shoot a short film in a new wave pool we didn’t […]